The flames are real…

They come out of life…

Killing the dreams of many…

Bringing an end to an era.. 
Some say for the phoenix to rise to its glory, it must be burnt to ashes…

But those ashes were real…

Those ashes were born out of someone’s life and earning.
You think it’s easy to remember the past?

Or you think it’s easy to forget the present?

Or better still you think it’s easy to foretell the future?
None. None!
You maybe pleased with yourself right now.

You may never know what awaits you at the door.
Faith is all that really matters.

Don’t walk on earth with pride.


I Can Be A Savage Too

​The blue of the ocean in my eyes, to show me the way when its dim. 

Let me be like the vast ocean, to be able to give. 

One day, just like the ocean, when I am fed up of everything, I will consume. 

That day will be a day to remember.

Like the all encompassing ocean I care to show you the depths. 

Once I am done I will care no more, I will devour you with no regret.

Care or be not cared for, my sweetheart. 

You will forever regret losing me because I did not walk away, you let me go.