I Think I Can

I have been waiting for days to find an inspiration to write, only to fail everytime.

I guess I am motivated more by the action of writing itself than any other inspiration.

I recently bought a new phone and very ardently downloaded the WordPress app in order to be able to write on the go.

I see so many talented people around me, they are so good. Some creative writers, artists, cartoonists and photographers. I am in awe of what people can do. And they are really young, still in school.

I see little children write so well. A boy in Grade 1 wrote a lovely story. I was so touched by his attempt, another wrote a poem for me (his Class Teacher). Words won’t ever be enough for me to tell what talent people hide. It will be these children, when they grow up, become shy of their talent, if not appreciated.

Let Us Become Encouragers. I had read somewhere:

Creativity is an act of courage, avoid opinion.

Let us be motivators in our little way. I think that would really take someone really far. 


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