The Sea is Hiding Secrets


 Have you ever seen the sea?

How it meets the sky at the horizon!

Have you ever felt the soft sea-breeze?

Gently brushing your hair, unkempt!

The blue of the sea quietly blends into the blue of the sky.

As if they are one,

You can’t tell one from the other.

It looks so serene and calm from a distance.

The hushing gust pass by you,

You can’t see it coming.

Like a silent intruder.

A placid friend, brings a smile to your face, reminding of someone you can’t forget.

Have your ever seen the moon beam?

Its silver sparkle on the waves.

Or the grey sky?

On a stormy eve.

The glow spread over the multitude.

Brings peace to the soul.

The anger of the waves reflected-

On the sky above.

I don’t know what the sea is hiding.

Or, maybe, I do.

To reach its depth,

One needs to look within ones own soul.

The sea gives and over view to-

Sweet scent of the sand,

The sublime sunset

And the exquisite moon rise.

I care about the answers no more.

The sea is too beautiful to let me think of all this when I stand facing it.


Burning Bright




Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter

Burn, burn as bright as you can.

Never let anyone dim your light.

You are YOU, no one can take that away from you.

So burn in all the glory you can.

Remember the candle that burns gives light.


Haven’t you seen the Sun.

How beautiful it is?

It’s the brightness that gives light,

Yet no one can look to it eye to eye.

So burn bright like the Sun.

To bring life around.


The moon so soothing its light.

It takes its light from the Sun.

It shows light in the darkness.

And calms the heart with its softness.

So, you burn to give light at night.

Gleam silver all around.


Or the Stars, as beautiful they are.

Sparkle, twinkle and give light.

They are the lamps of lowest heaven.

Shows direction to those aboard.

So you give light like the stars afar.

Like a diamond set on the sky.


Let Me Guess


If you were ever given a chance what would you guess?

Would you take a chance and guess!

If I were given a chance I would guess…

I would guess the colour of your heart.

I would guess the colour of your soul.

I would guess how you smile when you think of me, when you are all alone.

I would guess how you   have one look of me when I am not looking.

I would guess a guess that will surprise you!

Would you guess mine?