I must write!

It is said that if you fall in love with a writer you can never die.

Then maybe I wish a writer fell in love with me!

Or maybe some are lucky to have me 😛

Never mind!


We could have done more for our loved ones,

We could have done lesser than we did!

Things could have been different we never know.

Or they are exactly as they are meant to be.

We could have been right for each other.

We maybe are right staying away.

Or its just as it was supposed to be!

No matter what happens I must write.

For that is what I need more than anything else.

So if I want to write about you-

Don’t tell me you write only your side of the story!2520911844_517ab51cdd



The Universe Conspires…

It’s not a co-incidence, it’s not planned.

I feel the universe conspired for us to meet again!

It wasn’t a co-incidence neither was it planned.

We wore the same colour, how could have that happened?

The first look, the smile on our lips.

It meant that we care! Don’t we?

Your eyes spoke millions of words, though you spoke none!

I could see the pain, the love, the concern and the regret.

But never a word we spoke.


It wasn’t a co-incidence, it wasn’t even planned!

Wherever we went we went together.

Neither a word spoken nor a glance exchanged.

It must have been some divine influence.

Or the universe’s plan!