Don’t let the world know the real you.
No one cares!

Your friends will recognise you only when they need you.
Other times they will just show off.

Don’t be with those who don’t let you grow or build you up.
You are not stagnant muddy water.

Be ambitious. Anything served lesser than you deserve, run !

Build others up but not by breaking yourself.

You will always be “too much” for some people. BE !

Being a woman, never be afraid of being financially independent.
Don’t forget you take after the likes of Khadija.

Help others no matter what. Its not Newton’s Law, its your Prophet’s sunnah.


The Girl in the Mirror

A silent note to the girl in the mirror:
Know that I’ve got your back.
I knew you when you were 3 and were silly enough to sit by the mirror for hours on end admiring how mirror casts a reflection.
I knew you when you were 7 and you played dressing up.
I knew you when you hit puberty so confused and much sillier than before.
I knew you when you were 18 and felt the butterflies of love for the first time.
I knew you when you were 23 and heartbroken and didn’t know what to do.
And I know you still, the lady that you have become. The one who is as silly as you were when you were 3 and as confused as you were when you hit puberty. Know that I’ve got your back.
I will have your back when you will be older, wiser and all wrinkled and grey haired.


Azaadi ka din mubarak ho

Phir bhi hum azaad nahi hue.

Jhuthi shaan ke changul me baithe

Hum apne watan ke shaan nahi hue.

Waqt beet-ta chala gaya

Par hum kisi ke kam ke nahi hue.
Ye azaadi hai dekho logon,

Ye kaisi azaadi hai?
Kya ye woh azaadi hai jiske liye wo log marr mite the?

Kya ye waisi azaadi hai jiske liye wo log nidarr khade the?

Agar hai ye wohi azaadi tumhari nazar me to jeete jaao apne sapno ki duniya mein.

Par agar nahin hai ye woh azaadi toh utho aur shor machao.

Bachao apni ghar ki behen-betiyo ko

Ye desh tumhara ghar hai.

Bachao iske masoom bacho ko

Ye tumhare ghar ke hain.

Bachao iss desh ki shaan ko

Ye tumse aur humse banta hai.
-Jai Hind


The flames are real…

They come out of life…

Killing the dreams of many…

Bringing an end to an era.. 
Some say for the phoenix to rise to its glory, it must be burnt to ashes…

But those ashes were real…

Those ashes were born out of someone’s life and earning.
You think it’s easy to remember the past?

Or you think it’s easy to forget the present?

Or better still you think it’s easy to foretell the future?
None. None!
You maybe pleased with yourself right now.

You may never know what awaits you at the door.
Faith is all that really matters.

Don’t walk on earth with pride.

I Can Be A Savage Too

​The blue of the ocean in my eyes, to show me the way when its dim. 

Let me be like the vast ocean, to be able to give. 

One day, just like the ocean, when I am fed up of everything, I will consume. 

That day will be a day to remember.

Like the all encompassing ocean I care to show you the depths. 

Once I am done I will care no more, I will devour you with no regret.

Care or be not cared for, my sweetheart. 

You will forever regret losing me because I did not walk away, you let me go.


Something in my Mother Tonge

Ab wo bachpan waali Eid nahin aati,

Wo log na rahe, na wo umr.

Unki yaadein reh gayi bas,

Jo khushiyo ki dino me aati.

Wo bachpan ki Eid nahi aati,

Naye kapdo ki khushi,

Eidi lene ke mazze.

Haste khelte jo guzarte the waqt, ab guzar jate.

Ab wo tumhare saath guzaari Eid bhi nahi ati,

Na wo mohabbat rahi, na wo junoon.

Na wo khushi khushi milne ke waade.

Na wo tumhari muskurahat.

Nahi aati wo Eid jo chaand ki khushi saath guzari.

Na wo kehna ki mere chand ko chand mubarak.

Eid ki raunak jo tumhari khanakti hasi se aati thi.

Ab wo mohabbat bhari Eid nahi aati.

Zaroori nahi ki har koi saath rahe har waqt.

Kuch ko maut le jaati hai.

Ye bhi zaroori nahi har koi maut se chor jaye.

Kuch logo ko zindagi hi le jaati hai.



I Think I Can

I have been waiting for days to find an inspiration to write, only to fail everytime.

I guess I am motivated more by the action of writing itself than any other inspiration.

I recently bought a new phone and very ardently downloaded the WordPress app in order to be able to write on the go.

I see so many talented people around me, they are so good. Some creative writers, artists, cartoonists and photographers. I am in awe of what people can do. And they are really young, still in school.

I see little children write so well. A boy in Grade 1 wrote a lovely story. I was so touched by his attempt, another wrote a poem for me (his Class Teacher). Words won’t ever be enough for me to tell what talent people hide. It will be these children, when they grow up, become shy of their talent, if not appreciated.

Let Us Become Encouragers. I had read somewhere:

Creativity is an act of courage, avoid opinion.

Let us be motivators in our little way. I think that would really take someone really far. 

The Sea is Hiding Secrets


 Have you ever seen the sea?

How it meets the sky at the horizon!

Have you ever felt the soft sea-breeze?

Gently brushing your hair, unkempt!

The blue of the sea quietly blends into the blue of the sky.

As if they are one,

You can’t tell one from the other.

It looks so serene and calm from a distance.

The hushing gust pass by you,

You can’t see it coming.

Like a silent intruder.

A placid friend, brings a smile to your face, reminding of someone you can’t forget.

Have your ever seen the moon beam?

Its silver sparkle on the waves.

Or the grey sky?

On a stormy eve.

The glow spread over the multitude.

Brings peace to the soul.

The anger of the waves reflected-

On the sky above.

I don’t know what the sea is hiding.

Or, maybe, I do.

To reach its depth,

One needs to look within ones own soul.

The sea gives and over view to-

Sweet scent of the sand,

The sublime sunset

And the exquisite moon rise.

I care about the answers no more.

The sea is too beautiful to let me think of all this when I stand facing it.

Burning Bright




Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter

Burn, burn as bright as you can.

Never let anyone dim your light.

You are YOU, no one can take that away from you.

So burn in all the glory you can.

Remember the candle that burns gives light.


Haven’t you seen the Sun.

How beautiful it is?

It’s the brightness that gives light,

Yet no one can look to it eye to eye.

So burn bright like the Sun.

To bring life around.


The moon so soothing its light.

It takes its light from the Sun.

It shows light in the darkness.

And calms the heart with its softness.

So, you burn to give light at night.

Gleam silver all around.


Or the Stars, as beautiful they are.

Sparkle, twinkle and give light.

They are the lamps of lowest heaven.

Shows direction to those aboard.

So you give light like the stars afar.

Like a diamond set on the sky.


Let Me Guess


If you were ever given a chance what would you guess?

Would you take a chance and guess!

If I were given a chance I would guess…

I would guess the colour of your heart.

I would guess the colour of your soul.

I would guess how you smile when you think of me, when you are all alone.

I would guess how you   have one look of me when I am not looking.

I would guess a guess that will surprise you!

Would you guess mine?